Delta Janitorial Services

Words like “Green Cleaning”, environmental responsibility and sustainability have become increasingly common to all of us. With the Delta Janitorial Services “Go Green” program, we clean to protect the health of your occupants, without harming the environment.     

We spend a significant portion of our lives indoors. Poor indoor environmental quality has had a major impact on our businesses, schools and our personal lives. Increases in asthma, absenteeism, sick time and lower productivity can be linked to poor indoor environmental quality.                                   


Our “Go Green” program is not about simply replacing your current cleaning products. Green Cleaning requires an examination of your entire cleaning process, identifying the areas that can be improved, developing and implementing a plan and measuring the results.

Our “Go Green” cleaning program takes into consideration our cleaning procedures and the sustainability of the cleaning chemicals, paper products and equipment used so that our services have a positive impact on the health of your occupants, while protecting the environment.